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Hand crafted.

American made, by hand in our warehouse. Every detail is designed and crafted to perfection using top grade materials.

Fully modular.

Products can be mixed and matched to create the solution best suited for your specific needs.

Clean Storage

Built-in cable management solutions for a clean and presentable workspace.

Sleek Design

Modern, minimal, and sexy. Artisan desks are not only functional, but are designed to make a visual statement.


Artisan was born out of our 30+ years of frustration working around furniture designed for traditional office spaces rather than for creative studios. Each piece is inspired, designed, and manufactured by production artists for production artists.

The entire Artisan series is made to be adaptable and work cohesively in a multitude of spaces. The custom color finish, cable management, accent lighting, and the look and feel of Artisan integrates all of your technology in a seamless way to inspire ultimate creativity among your team.

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